apr 20, 2024 Budapest
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Is it possible to buy tickets on the spot?

Yes, the price of a normal ticket is 19 999 HUF, and the price of a VIP ticket is 28 000 HUF on the spot.

Can e-cigarettes be brought to the event?

Yes, but it can only be used in designated smoking areas.

When and where will Hyperspace 2024 be held?

Hyperspace 2024 will be held on April 20 at HUNGEXPO in Budapest.
Address: Budapest 1101, Hungexpo, Albertirsai út 10. Entrance: Gate 1

How do I get to the location?

The location is easily accessible by car, bus and by walk.
More info: https://www.hyperspace.co.hu/en/2024/location

When does the gate open and how long does the event last?

Doors open: April 20, 8:00 p.m
Closing: April 21, 08:00

What is the age limit for the event?

The age limit for the Hyperspace 2024 event on the 20th of April is 16 years.
People under the age of 16 are not allowed to attend the event.

What payment methods are available at the event?

At Hyperspace 2024 event, the following payment methods can be used on site for purchasing tickets:
Currencies: HUF, EURO
SZÉP cards: OTP, MKB, and K&H SZÉP cards

To make payments easier and more convenient, Hyperspace 2024 will also operate a cashless payment system provided by Festipay®. The Festipay® terminals are capable of accepting contactless bank cards and other contactless mobile payments, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.
If you don't have such a bank card or device, you can top up your Festipay® card with cash at designated Festipay® top-up points for a deposit of 500 HUF, which will be deducted from the amount you load onto the card.
The card can be topped up with cash and credit card, both in HUF and EURO.
Credit card owners do not need to queue up to top up their Festipay® cards. Payments can also be made with credit cards at payment terminals.
Of course, any remaining balance on the cards can be refunded at the end of the event, along with the 500 HUF card deposit fee.
In addition to card payments, cash can also be used to pay at the cloakroom.

Can I leave the event area after the ticket has been validated?

The purchased ticket entitles you to a single entry.

What does it mean than the ticket can only be used until 22:00?

( this refers only to the special discount tickets purchased online )
With the Time Limited tickets, entry to the event is only allowed until 22:00, so we only recommend this ticket type to the Guests that will surely arrive before 10 PM.
In the case of a long line, we take into account that you have joined the line designated for discount ticket validation before 10:00 p.m.
If arriving after 22:00, this type of ticket is only valid if its price is compensated to the price of the regular ticket at the doors.

What is included in the VIP ticket?

VIP ticket includes:

  • instant admittance at the VIP entrance
  • don't have to queue
  • VIP wardrobe
  • separate VIP bar
  • comfortable armchairs
  • separate VIP toilets
  • good view of the stage

(the ticket does not include table and seat reservation!)
The VIP tickets can be purchased online at ticket.deadcode.hu and at all the presale tickets offices. The price of the VIP ticket is 23.000 HUF / 66 EUR while stocks last, then 28.000 HUF / 80 EUR.

Is it possible to reserve a table in VIP?

VIP tablereservation - 100.000 HUF ( for 4 people ) which includes:

  • 40.000 HUF drink coupon
  • 2 x 2 seater sofa with table
  • welcome drinks for 4 persons
  • table service
  • separate bar
  • good view of the stage
  • good view of the stage

The VIP tickets must be purchased separately.
The table reservation option can only be used with valid VIP tickets!
The VIP table reservation cannot be redeemed!
Hyperspace VIP table reservation is only possible at https://ticket.deadcode.hu!

Are group tickets available for the event?

Yes, group tickets for 10 people can be ordered for HUF 129.900 at https://ticket.deadcode.hu.
In the case of group tickets for 10 people, the condition is that at least 5 ticket holders must be girls.
Group tickets can be used separately when entering, so it is not necessary for all 10 people to arrive at the same time! There is no time limit for group tickets.

Will there be a cloakroom and valuables at the event?

Yes, there will be a cloakroom and valuables in the event area!

What spectacles can we expect at Hyperspace 2024?

The best visual team of Europe, the German LiveFRAME Design, will create a world-class visual and lighting image designed exclusively for Hyperspace 2024. They have already proven themselves at Bónusz Festival in 2023, but they are also responsible for the visual and lighting of the Afterlife, Timewarp, Drumcode and Parookaville events.

LiveFRAME Design commented on the concept dreamed up for Hyperspace:

"The design reflects the show title "Hyperspace" and is unmistakable, particularly due to the formative arrangement of the LED sticks. The central, space-creating element in this design are the led-tubes thanks to the sophisticated positioning of the different types of spotlights in combination with the led-tubes, this design offers a great deal of creative scope to provide the audience with a visually unforgettable experience."

What is the policy of the event?

In accordance with current legislation the organizer is entitled to have the visitors' identification, to inspect their luggage, to prevent the entry of certain objects, and to ask anyone who interferes with the event to leave. In this case, the organizer will not refund the price of the entrance ticket. It is forbidden to bring drugs, any drinks, bottles, plastic bottles, umbrellas or other objects deemed dangerous by the organizers into the event area. The importation of any camera, tape recorder or other audio and video recording equipment is strictly prohibited. A photo and sound recording can be made of the performance, in which the visitor can also appear, but cannot make any demands against the directors, the creators of the recording, or its legitimate users. It is forbidden to bring glow sticks into the event area!