apr 15, 2023 Budapest
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What methods of payment are accepted at HYPERSPACE 2023?

The following methods of payment are accepted at HYPERSPACE 2023: (for buying tickets, snacks and drinks)

  • Currencies: HUF, EURO

In order to make payment easier and simpler, a cashless payment system provided by HelloPay® will also operate at the HYPERSPACE 2023.

HelloPay® terminals are also suitable for accepting one-touch bank cards and other contactless mobile payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you do not have such a bank card or device, you can top up money on your HelloPay® card at the HelloPay® top-up points for a card deposit fee of 500 HUF which is deducted from the uploaded amount. The card can be topped up with Euro and Forint by using cash or bank card.

Of course, the units left on the cards can be redeemed at the end of the event together with the 500 HUF card deposit fee.

In addition to paying by card, you can also pay in cash at the cloakroom.

When and how can i exchange my voucher / e-ticket to the actual entry ticket?

The e-tickets (vouchers) can only be exchanged to the actual entry tickets on the night of the show, from 19:30, at the entrance with the sign „VISSZAIGAZOLÓ SZELVÉNY" (E-ticket / Voucher)

What does it mean than the ticket can only be used until 22:00?

( this refers only to the special discount tickets purchased online )

With the Time Limited tickets, entry to the event is only allowed until 22:00, so we only recommend this ticket type to the Guests that will surely arrive before 10 PM.

In the case of a long line, we take into account that you have joined the line designated for discount ticket validation before 10:00 p.m.

If arriving after 22:00, this type of ticket is only valid if its price is compensated to the price of the regular ticket at the doors.

What is included in the VIP ticket?

VIP ticket includes:
  • instant admittance at the VIP entrance
  • don't have to queue
  • separate VIP bar
  • comfortable armchairs
  • separate VIP toilets
  • good view of the stage
  • VIP wardrobe
(the ticket does not include table and seat reservation!)

The VIP tickets can be purchased online at ticket.deadcode.hu and at all the presale tickets offices. The price of the VIP ticket is 20000 HUF / 57 EUR while stocks last, then 25000 HUF / 72 EUR.

Is it possible to reserve a table in VIP?

VIP tablereservation - 100.000 HUF ( for 4 people ) which includes:
  • 40.000 HUF drink coupon
  • 2 x 2 seater sofa with table
  • welcome drinks for 4 persons
  • table service
  • separate bar
  • good view of the stage
  • separate restrooms

The VIP tickets must be purchased separately.

The table reservation option can only be used with valid VIP tickets!

The VIP table reservation cannot be redeemed!

HYPERSPACE VIP table reservation is only possible at ticket.deadcode.hu!

Are glow sticks allowed to be taken into the event?

No, glow sticks are not allowed to be taken to the area of the event. They will be available for purchase at the Deadcode Shops.

Can the vouchers / e-tickets be assigned to other persons?

The presale vouchers / e-tickets can only be assigned to other persons if the price is complemented to the price of the entry ticket at the door. The VIP tickets and can be assigned to any different person.

Can i purchase VIP ticket at the venue?

Provided the limited number of VIP tickets does not run out until the day of the event, then VIP tickets will be available for purchase at the venue too.

Can i exchange my presale ticket to a VIP ticket at the venue?

Yes, by paying the difference between the price of the presale ticket and the VIP ticket, at the VIP entrance.

Will there be a cloakroom and valuables at the event?

Yes, there will be a cloakroom and valuables in the event area!

Is there any age restriction for visiting the event?

The age limit for the HYPERSPACE 2023 event on the 15th of April is 16 years.

People under the age of 16 are not allowed to attend the event.

What kind of cameras may be taken into the event?

Photo cameras and video cameras forbidden at the premises of the party.

Where can i get a poster of the party?

They will be available for purchase at the Deadcode Shops.

Where can i find a doctor and who should i turn to if i have a problem?

There will be continuous doctor's and ambulance service operated at the event. If you have any problems, you should turn to the DEADCODE info point, which can be found by the main entrance of the event!

Where can i find more information about the festival?

Of course, at the official websites: www.hyperspace.co.hu, www.deadcode.hu. If you cannot find some information you need then please call out info line: 00 36 20 77 07 700