apr 15, 2023 Budapest
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Festipay at Hyperspace 2023!

At HYPERSPACE 2023 event, the following payment methods can be used on site for purchasing tickets:

  • Currencies: HUF, EURO
  • SZÉP cards: OTP, MKB, and K&H SZÉP cards


Available at the venue in the Deadcode merch store!

Organize your friends into groups of 10!

Create teams of 10 with your friends for HYPERSPACE 2023, and if you have a minimum of 5 female members, you can purchase the HYPERSPACE 2023 group ticket at a discounted rate of 99990 HUF through the festival's official website (https://www.hyperspace.co.hu/2023/en).

Hyperspace 2022 Aftermovie

The official aftermovie of Hyperspace 2022 - 25th Anniversary Ceremony is available now.

Ticket Price Change on Thursday Noon (Phase 5.)

The HYPERSPACE 2023 advance tickets for 13990 HUF, the tickets for 11990 HUF which are need to be validated until 22:00 on the 15th of April and the VIP Tickets for 20000 HUF are available till March 23rd Thursday 12:00 noon. After than the "PHASE 6." tickets and the VIP tickets for 25000 HUF will be sold.

Ticket Price Change (Phase 3.)

The HYPERSPACE 2023 advance tickets for 11990 HUF and the tickets for 9990 HUF which are need to be validated until 22:00 on the 15th of April will sell out soon. After the stock runs out, "PHASE 4." tickets will be sold.

Breaking News

The ticket sales system for HYPERSPACE 2023 has changed. All ticket types are only available while stocks last, and we have canceled the ticket price rounds tied to the date.